Pruitt-Igoe. Architecture as a tool of segregation.

The Myth of Pruitt-Igoe documentary.

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maintenance of the modernist blocks IS the problem, tenants money-maintanence, couldnt afford
failed in that=too many people-obvviously trashy
no federal funds for maintenance
pruit-igoe=tru segregation, even though within the city and no walls- but it is , like that, devalue the property around it etc
you bad-restrictions, no tv, no radio=not that sunny
treated like prisoners
television for black people thne-you watch white people only, segregation
public housing-segregtion tool-negor decentralization, every project either white or black, urbanism-black enclaves
white people didnt want to leave with black
cleaering the slum-segregation
new ghetto-old ghetto
higher food prices, less police protection, worse hospitals 1949
PLUS they couldn;t get jobs
industrial on the fall starting and color was really important in hiring….
so pruitt-igoe is not failure of architecture, it is failure of the system, archietcture was subordinate tool, there was nothing about long corridors or densite, but the neglect, lack of jobs, segregation and what kroll did and what should architects do – is to challenge the pwoer, not be just the tool in the system, not take a job that is clearly an instrument of segregation, of ghettoing, this is the same now, like sam said, developers- they do the similar segrgation, but lack of perspective makes this lbuerry
fng hell it was  A GHETTO BECAUSE of racism- people would just not take them in!!!
violence, anger, if you didnt let people know, they will take advantage of you
place of danger
they flet segragation
it wasnt chosen house
unbreakable items introuced- shileds around light bulbs, bars,
and people were even angrier- and would try to breaj
thye wanted to be heard.
statement- we are not happy
increasingly poor city, shrinking
little money for upkeep
no husbands, there were men lurking in the hallways
stigma-black crime, black druh abuse, element of fear
great estate
not only architecture problem-there is so much around it
learn by example living in decent housing


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